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Before you waste another red cent on Facebook ads or buy another course,

You are meant to live a rich life, fully aligned with your purpose and to do that you must learn to powerfully call people into taking action with you. You can close High-Ticket Coaching packages! My team and I are here to help you clear the blocks and have raving fans that are grateful that you sold your services to them.

The power of your work or the the service you represent only works if you know how to get people to say yes to you.

We’ve perfected this process that has seen us generate over a million dollars in sales and the best part is that we love what we do and have incredible clients and a rock star team.

Plus, this process has worked brilliantly for our clients too who often experience growth of 500%.

And it all comes down to learning a new way to sell, letting it me the sacred spiritual process it actually is.

Unfortunately, so many entrepreneurs are using old techniques or aren’t using any because they feel akward or weird about asking for a higher price.

So let me tell you how I got here…

Years ago, I felt like a hopeless loser.

I was living in a boarded up shack with no electricity and had already been divorced at 18. I felt alone in the world and could not see a clear path for me to change.

It was exhausting.

I hated my body and was yo-yo dieting and all of the prayers for guidance and highest intentions, still left me feeling clueless and alone. Living in that shack, I discovered that I could start a business. I found a mentor and earned a one-time check of $8,753.23.
It was life changing! The new problem was that I worked my head off morning to night in order to earn inconsistent levels of income. I became a walking, talking salesperson- which wasn’t appealing to many people but, I fely I had purpose.

I was driving all over my city, passing out flyers, on the phone all of the time. I kept missing important events and putting the clients and business above all else.

Then someone came along and offered me the opportunity to learn a different set of skills and to sell television spots to CEO’s at a much higher price than the vitamins I had been selling.

This was a total game changer. I could work less and earn more. I learned skills to connect with influential people. This opened so many doors. I went on to work with celebrities, designers, and even got to be a featured author in two Napoleon Hill Foundation books. Eventually I started my own business- teaching other people the powerful skills of selling their own high-ticket coaching services or selling other peoples products or services.

What I realized is that many big-hearted people were making the same mistakes that I made when I first started out.

Doing free sessions for people who ‘couldn’t afford it’.

Working super hard but within an oppurtunity that only allowed for smaller pay.

Selling using very old, agressive tactics and failing miserably.

Some people just never considered the opportunity or the spiritual process that a career insales could provide.

You cannot be your best when you are underpaid, worn out and barely able to provide the basics for yourself and your family.

So before you waste another red cent on Facebook ads, you must know these two secrets:

SECRET #1: Learn to Sell High-Ticket Programs that make a phenomenal difference in the world.
You will always have a place in the market and the ability to earn high income and if you have your own business you will have the skills to influence people with your message and to bring in the money to nourish yourself and family in a lush way.

Are you giving away your life’s energy and profit to the corporate big wigs?

If you haven’t mastered ‘High-Ticket Sales’, I’m guessing the answer is yes.

It’s time to RISE and LIVE YOUR RICH LIFE. To earn enough income where you have the time and money to do whatever you freakin’ want and whenever you want with those you love, as you serve deeply.

Selling High-Ticket is the way to leverage your time and build your legacy.


When you sell a program that is life changing to someone who has been suffering and yearning for a solution for years and maybe even decades, you are offering freedom and peace.

When you learn the new heart-centered ways of holding space for people who are making a decision to finally change their lives for the better you become a very important person to those who decide yes.
This is a next-level skill that truly builds your legacy and impact for good on this planet.

It gives you a huge advantage and that’s when everyone starts to know your name.

Imagine getting off of a sales call where a client has cried, laughed, and then thanked you for holding space for them.
This happens 99% of the time on my calls, whether clients buy or not. No more feeling akward or slimy after a call! Only life impacting meaningful moments with closing ratios going through the roof.

At the same time you will join the league of free agents who have no cap on their income, can work from where they choose and with whom they choose.

That’s a good life, baby!

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Your choice. Your life.

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